In order to create and maintain a safe training environment for all students, parents must complete an Application Form prior to their child training with Tiger Strike Martial Arts.

Also, by a child attending a training session, they and their parents agree to to abide by Tiger Strike Marital Arts’ policies and guidelines including, but not limited to, our the Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policy, Student Code of Conduct and Fees Policy.

Relevant documents can be downloaded from our Membership Area.  Please contact to gain access.

Student Code of Conduct

All students training with TSMA are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Listen to your instructor and always follow direction.
  • Show respect to your instructor and training partners.
  • Treat others with kindness.
  • Train sensibly and safely, with control of emotions, especially during sparring.
  • Try your best and be brave in the face of challenges.
  • Wear your uniform and belt when training, and mouth-guard and gloves when sparring.

Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policy

At Tiger Strike Martial Arts (TSMA), the health and safety of children is considered paramount above everything else. This policy outlines key aspects to help ensure that a secure environment is provided in which children can train safely.

All parents/carers of children training with TSMA are required to read this document and agree to comply with the conditions in this policy.

Health & Safety

If an incident occurs that requires First aid during a class, details will be recorded in an accident book held by the instructor.

Gloves and mouth guards must be used by all children when sparring or when undertaking other training activities where the instructor has indicated that they are required.

It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure that their child is equipped with a mouthg-uard and gloves in order to fully participate in the training offered.

The instructor is responsible to ensure that lessons are delivered in a safe manner. Students must comply with directions given by the instructor at all times, to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the class.

The application form requires parents/carers to state any known medical conditions of the child in their care. Should a child develop a physical or mental health issue at any time following completion of this form, then this must be reported to the instructor prior to them attending class and/or continuing training.

Parents/carers are welcome to stay and observe the initial two trial training sessions to ensure that they are comfortable with the training environment and approach, and that classes are suitable for their child to attend.


DBS checks are required for all instructors to limit and manage safeguarding risks.

Social services and/or the police will be contacted by TSMA if there is a suspicion of a child being abused or harmed in any way. Depending on the nature of the issue, this may be done without prior notification to, or consent of, the child’s parent/carer as the welfare of the child is held paramount.

Photography and Videos

No photography or video is allowed to be taken during classes except by the instructor. Parents/carers can opt their child out of being photographed or videoed by notifying the instructor directly in writing.

Photography and videos may be used on the TSMA website and other social media to promote the children’s classes, unless the parent/carer has opted their child out as detailed above.


General class communications will be sent by the instructor to all parents/cares via a WhatsApp group which all parents/carers must agree to be a member of whilst their child is training with TSMA.

Members of the group must not communicate anything in the group that would identify an individual child. Matters relating to an individual child should only be communicated directly between the instructor and parent/carer of the child concerned.


All students are required to agree to and comply with TSMA’s Student Code of Conduct. If a child is asked by the instructor to sit out of all or part of a training exercise or lesson, or the instructor deems it necessary to ask a parent/carer to remove their child permanently from TSMA due to their behaviour, or any other reason whatsoever, the parent/carer must accept and support any such decision to ensure the safety of their child and other class students.