Our mission is to provide youth with real life Self Defence skills, as well as help them develop confidence, and respect for themselves and others, all of which are essential for their future in life.

We believe in finding the correct balance in our Martial Arts training that is most beneficial to the children. We focus on balancing traditional and modern approaches to Kung Fu training, and balancing co-operative and competitive Martial Arts drills.

We promote the many benefits that children gain when training in Martial Arts, including the development of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Respect for one another is especially important and runs throughout all our training sessions. We want every child to feel that they are respected and supported by those around them and that they are training in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Everyone learns more being part of a team!



    A Martial Artist shows respect to those they train with, to their instructor, and to themselves.


    A Martial Artist stays focused on the current task at hand. When we stay focused, we get more done.


    Safety is very important. A Martial Artist controls themselves when training and sparring. If we let emotions take over, we could hurt ourselves and others.


    Life is full of challenges. A Martial Artist tries their best to be brave and get through these challenges.


    A Martial Artist is dedicated and committed to being the best they can be. It is proven that effort and hard work beats natural talent.