Our children have benefitted from training  with Toby for a number of years now. Toby has a real gift in being able to teach children martial arts in a very clear way that they can understand, apply and most importantly enjoy. The children leave each class able to explain the new concepts they have learned, and why they have learned them, before of course demonstrating their techniques on us! We are delighted with the progress that they continue to make with Toby in Kung Fu and martial arts more generally.

Jamieparent of Rauri and Cleo

I find it very easy to learn in Toby’s classes because he is so encouraging, clear and kind.

Rauriaged 11

I really enjoy Toby’s classes because he makes them fun and you learn how to protect yourself.

Cleoaged 9

My son loves Toby’s classes. Held in a friendly atmosphere, they are both relaxed and disciplined and he looks forward to them every week. There is an excellent mix of instruction and fun and I have watched his technical abilities and physical confidence grow remarkably over the year he has been attending.

Garyparent of Adam

The kids have a fantastic time whilst keeping fit, gaining confidence, and learning valuable life and self-defence lessons. Toby shows great patience and delivers lessons in a structured yet fun manner.

Darrelparent of Sebastian

Toby takes a friendly approach to coaching his students in Kung Fu. They clearly enjoy his classes and have fun while learning the techniques.

Hamparent of Elina

As parents, we’ve had no experience of any martial arts, but have been really impressed by how quickly our boys have taken to it and how much they enjoy it. Toby gets the children to really focus, and to use their energy in a calm and controlled way. It’s great for discipline, while also starting to hone some useful self-defence principles for later life.

Georginaparent of Freddie & Toby

Our Martial Arts class is really good! I’ve learnt so much already. Our yellow belt grading is in January, and I hope I get it. Toby is a great teacher and he is really good at martial arts (obviously!)

Freddieaged 11

Toby is very good at teaching, because he is not too strict and he takes things bit by bit. He revises things to make sure we don’t forget about how to do stuff. I’ve learnt so much from his class, and Martial Arts is about self-defence. Sometimes we do sparring, which is light fighting to practice our moves. So in conclusion, his class is amazing.

Tobyaged 9

Toby is passionate about teaching kids and you can see his dedication to his students. My son loves going to Toby’s classes and his confidence within himself is growing. He is learning new skills always looks forward to his next class.

Sueparent of Jacob


I signed up for private sessions with Toby for both of my children for various reasons. For my son it was to improve his confidence and also to get him used to doing something on his own and for himself as he is too shy to do classes or clubs at the moment. He has been having weekly one on one private sessions with Toby for a few months and I have already seen such a difference in him. He is much more confident and sure of himself, Toby always praises him and tells him how good he’s doing which makes him want to try harder and be better. For my daughter I wanted her to have sessions to get used to listening and following instructions better as she is still very young. She is definitely getting better at listening to Toby and Toby has a great way of getting her attention and keeping her engaged. I would 100% recommend Toby, he is amazing for both my children and I’m sure he would be for yours too!!

Katieparent of Ollie and Mia

I love my lessons with Toby because they are fun and it is exciting to learn new moves.  Toby is very nice to me and he makes me feel very comfortable and I don’t feel shy.

Ollieaged 7

I love Toby because he makes me laugh. I like doing my lessons because they are always so fun.  I like it when Toby gets all the different things out of his bag for me to use.

Miaaged 4


Toby has delivered several bespoke Martial Arts classes, which have run over several weeks, to children who attend our practice which provides therapy support to children with learning difficulties, some of whom are on the autistic spectrum.


Toby’s communication with the students has always been calm and he has ensured that there is a safe, comfortable environment for them to train and learn Martial Arts at a level and pace that is appropriate to each child. Due to Toby’s attention to each child’s needs they have quickly built a trusting relationship with him and enjoy attending the classes. Some of the children we support have not engaged in group activities before and therefore this trust is very important to establish in what could otherwise be a very challenging environment for them. Toby also endeavours to ensure each child feels supported and grows in confidence as well as helping them improving their coordination skills and body awareness.


We have no hesitation in Toby working with us again and are planning for him to provide more classes with our service in the coming months.

Nicola ButcherPractice Manager - The Sensory Smart Child